Yoga for Digestion – Manipura Chakra

I’m not going to lie, I tend to get stressed pretty easily.⁣ If you do too, you might have noticed that the biggest red flag of imbalance is that digestion goes crazy!⁣

We may go from feeling ravenous one day to forgetting to eat any food at all the next. ⁣
⁣Then there’s heartburn, indigestion, constipation… this stuff is definitely not fun and can add to our stress. ⁣

What we can do in this case is work on increasing our digestive fire. ⁣

Here, I’ve put together an easy yoga sequence for digestion, suitable for all levels of expertise, to increase digestive fire by stimulating the Manipura Chakra.⁣ You can practice along with me!

What is Manipura Chakra? Why is this yoga sequence helpful for digestion?

The Manipura chakra is situated in the spine behind the navel, where the solar plexus is. This centre is concerned with:

  • digestion;
  • food metabolism;
  • the functioning of the gastric glands, the pancreas, and gall bladder (which have to do with the absorption of nutrients);
  • the functioning of the adrenal glands (they speed up physiological processes and make the mind sharp and alert).

Manipura means ‘city of jewels’ because it is lustrous like a jewel and radiant with vitality and energy. It looks like a bright yellow lotus with ten petals. Within the lotus is a fiery red triangle, the yantra (or diagram) of Agni Tattva, the fire element, and the Bija Mantra (one-syllable mantra) Ram

Manipura is the centre of self-assertion, dynamism, dominance, ambition and will. Moreover, it controls the instinctive drive to find food and nurture oneself. 

Who is this yoga sequence for?

Thus, those who suffer from sluggishness and depression or malfunctions of the digestive system, such as diabetes and indigestion, should concentrate on Manipura chakra and try to feel the energy radiating from this region. 

To concentrate on this centre during practice, you can visualise the blazing sun or a ball of fire. Experience energy in the form of light radiating from the navel and permeating the whole body.

Please remember to only breathe through your nose, and practice this sequence on an empty stomach. Most importantly, if you feel tired at any point, please do take a break.

You can finish the practice resting on your back in Shavasana, doing some meditation, or Yoga Nidra if you wish.

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Om Shanti

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